Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 5 Season 1 recap

Rick tries to reach Morgan on the walkie-talkie to warn him about Atlanta being over run.  He cannot raise Morgan at all.

Glenn and T-dog burn the bodies of the walkers in the funeral pyre. When Morales and Daryl try to toss on the body of a survivor onto the pyre like a walker, he tells them they should bury the body instead.

As Jacqui and Jim stack walker bodies, she notices blood on his shirt. A quick look at his body reveals that he too has been bitten. The group decides to take a wait and see approach.

Andrea, who has cradled her dead sister for hours, shoots her in the head when she wakes up walker style. The survivors hold a funeral for Ed and Amy, and all begin watching for Jim to change.

Rick has the idea of heading to the CDC for help even though Atlanta has been overrun. Lori, after a lot of inner debate, tells the others they should follow Rick to the CDC.  Shane reluctantly agrees and tells the others if you want to follow us be ready at dawn.

Morales, tells the group that his family will not be joining them. Rick hands him a gun and wishes the best to him.  The rest of the group starts for Atlanta.

When they get there Jim, says he wants to be with his family and leaves the group. Rick is sure Jim is very ill and seeing things but the other man says he is fine.

The viewers are introduced to Dr. Jenner who is inside the CDC and conducting an experiment.  An explosion occurred in the lab, showing the viewers that a cure will never be possible.

The survivors group finally reaches the CDC, and a drunken Dr, Jenner watches them via the monitors. The walkers notice the survivors trying to get into the CDC and start coming towards them.

What happened with the Morales family, did they survive the zombie onslaught?

Was Jim bitten again or did he simply die?

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