Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 3 Season 1 recap

In episode three opens with Merle sit up on the rooftop but the rest of them are safely back at the camp. Merle is struggling to get the hacksaw, which is out of his reach but a bit.

Glenn arrives back at the camp first in his screaming sporty car, and Jim (a mechanic) disables the alarm. He tells the survivors that the group would not have made it out alive without the help of the new person, who is an officer like Shane.

Then the van arrives and the reunions begin. Morales and his family are shown giving hugs. .Amy and Andrea, the sisters also share hugs and tears. Rick finally gets back with his family Lori and Carl.

We also gain insight to the family of Ed, a wife beater, and Carol and their daughter Sophia. 

Daryl shoots a deer, tracks it only to discover a walker is eating the carcass. He shots the walker and stalks off to camp to find his brother.  The others tell him where his brother is, and offer to go back in the morning.

Andrea confronts Ed, while the women are doing laundry at the quarry and Ed threatens to beat her. Carol tries to calm Ed down but he slaps her face in front of the others. Shane jumps in and beats Ed around the facial area. Shane warns hit another person in this camp and I will not stop next time.

Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-dog go back to Atlanta in search of Merle. They find a severed hand next to a bloody hand saw on the roof of the store but no Merle.

Where is Merle? 

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