Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 4 Season 1 recap

In the fourth episode, Amy and Andrea are catching fish and bring lots back to the camp to feed the survivors.   Meanwhile, in Atlanta Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-dog find the bloody stump attached to the pipe. Merle is not where to be found.   They go to look for the guns, and a young boy named Miguel comes up to Daryl, who is guarding Glenn as he attempts to get the bag of guns.

The group Miguel is with kidnaps Glenn and whisks him away to parts unknown but leaving Miguel and the bag of guns behind. Miguel leads Rick, Daryl, and t-Dog to an abandoned factory where a standoff ensues. No blood is shed and the standoff ends peacefully when an old woman rushes in. After helping an elderly man, the other group’s leader Guillermo explains that he only wanted the guns to protect the elderly people.  The majority of the staff abandoned the residents of a nursing home, but a nurse and the custodian were caring for them.  The other group’s leader was the custodian.  Rick hands him a shotgun and a rifle before they leave.

Meanwhile back at the camp, all hell breaks loose as walkers find their way in unnoticed. Ed becomes the first casualty, and Amy is bitten as well. Jim who has been digging holes all day, because his was ‘told to dig; in his dreams the night before, realizes he was digging the burial plots for the survivors.

Fans are left wondering what happened to the nursing home residents. Did they survive? Will an unsuspecting group of survivors stumble up on a bunch of elderly zombies pushing walkers or zipping around in wheelchairs?
 Even though Jim dug the burials plots to hold the deceased bodies. Did they stay there?  Since Ed and Amy were bitten, are they now zombies?

Where is Merle?  Did the zombies drag off his body after he cut off his own arm?

Personally, I think the walkers did the cast a favor by biting Ed. That son of a bum was a tough person who thought nothing of smacking around other people.  Good riddance to bad rubbish so to speak. 

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