Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 6 Season 1 recap

When this episode opens, we are shown, through Shane’s memories how he came to believe that Rick was dead. Shane goes to the hospital to visit his partner and learns the hospital is being evacuated to Atlanta  

He tried to scoop Rick up in his arms to carry him to safety but the wires and monitors prevent him from doing so. Not having a medial background, he fears disconnecting any of them. Shane puts his ear to Rick’s chest and hears nothing, so he assumes his partner is dead. Shane leaves the room and barricades it from the other side so the walkers cannot get Rick’s body.

The scene shows the group of survivors meeting in the lobby of the CDC with the good Dr.  he says he will allows them all inside if they all submit to a blood test.  He does not want the CDC overrun with walkers, and this is why they must submit to the test. All are clean so they are allowed entry and settle in.

When asked why no other doctors or staff is present, Jenner says they have all left the building. He only stayed because he thought there was something he could do to stop the people from changing. 

Later a drunken Shane meets Lori in the recreational room and questions here.  He asks her how she can treat him like this. Lori replies he lied and told her that her husband Rick was dead. Shane contends he thought Shane was dead, and retells how he heard no heartbeat at the hospital. He tried to kiss Lori but she scratched him and ran away.

The next morning Dr. Jenner shows the group the brain scans of subject TS-19. He explains how the brain stem shuts down when the test subject dies, yet reactivates when they enter the walker stage. However, only the brain stem comes back and not the human part.  He also mentions that this patient number 19 is his wife, who once was the best scientist in the world.

The CDC’s generators are running out of fuel. Dr Jenner informs the group when the fuel is out the building detonates to contain the biohazards. Most of the survivors want out of the building immediately to take their chances with the walkers. However, Jacqui decides that it is her time and she decides to stay with Dr. Jenner and meet her maker.   Andrea sits down as well, and Dale says he will sit there with her.

The other survivors rush upstairs to find the place locked down. Carol pulls out a hand grenade out of her bag, and hands it to Rick. She says she pulled it from his pocket that first morning in camp.  Rick uses it to blast of the windows so the group can exit the building.

The building erupts into fire as Dale and Andrea rush into the RV, Rick starts it and they all get away safely.

Would you do as Jacqui did? Would you choose to commit suicide rather than being eaten alive by a walker?

 Where will the survivors go? There is talk of them heading to Fort Benning. Will they make it to the Army base?