Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walking Dead Online Streaming Link

‘The Walking Dead’ is the only television show I watch on a weekly basis. Did you know you could watch “The Walking Dead’ online the same time it is airing for those who have cable? It is a free link!
Zombies have to love them. Without cable, it is somewhat hard to get my fix but I found a way. 

I simply point my browser to a few minutes each Sunday night shortly before 9 pm EST. I get my fix the same time as the rest of my fellow fans do.

You get all the same footage on that link that the fans watching on cable do, but you have an advantage. When you use that link, you can simply check your email or play a quick game during commercials! When the show is on I have three tabs open, my email, “The Walking Dead’ and of course so I can experience the two screen thing. On there you get polls and see screenshots. I love the 2-screen experience and highly recommend it.

I am often asked who my favorite character on there is. It used to be Daryl as he is a trip! He can lay his cross bow on my dresser any time! He is kind, seems gentle, and can really kick some ‘Walking Dead’ butt. Do not get me wrong he still rocks, and I love his sexy rugged looks. However, Machoone kicks butt. Love her style and I do see her becoming a huge part of the team, maybe even replacing Rick.
I have seen the comic book in the local comic shop but I never even picked it up. I prefer my “walking dead’ live or is that deadish on television. See the other fans on the streaming version on Sunday!