Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 6 Season 1 recap

When this episode opens, we are shown, through Shane’s memories how he came to believe that Rick was dead. Shane goes to the hospital to visit his partner and learns the hospital is being evacuated to Atlanta  

He tried to scoop Rick up in his arms to carry him to safety but the wires and monitors prevent him from doing so. Not having a medial background, he fears disconnecting any of them. Shane puts his ear to Rick’s chest and hears nothing, so he assumes his partner is dead. Shane leaves the room and barricades it from the other side so the walkers cannot get Rick’s body.

The scene shows the group of survivors meeting in the lobby of the CDC with the good Dr.  he says he will allows them all inside if they all submit to a blood test.  He does not want the CDC overrun with walkers, and this is why they must submit to the test. All are clean so they are allowed entry and settle in.

When asked why no other doctors or staff is present, Jenner says they have all left the building. He only stayed because he thought there was something he could do to stop the people from changing. 

Later a drunken Shane meets Lori in the recreational room and questions here.  He asks her how she can treat him like this. Lori replies he lied and told her that her husband Rick was dead. Shane contends he thought Shane was dead, and retells how he heard no heartbeat at the hospital. He tried to kiss Lori but she scratched him and ran away.

The next morning Dr. Jenner shows the group the brain scans of subject TS-19. He explains how the brain stem shuts down when the test subject dies, yet reactivates when they enter the walker stage. However, only the brain stem comes back and not the human part.  He also mentions that this patient number 19 is his wife, who once was the best scientist in the world.

The CDC’s generators are running out of fuel. Dr Jenner informs the group when the fuel is out the building detonates to contain the biohazards. Most of the survivors want out of the building immediately to take their chances with the walkers. However, Jacqui decides that it is her time and she decides to stay with Dr. Jenner and meet her maker.   Andrea sits down as well, and Dale says he will sit there with her.

The other survivors rush upstairs to find the place locked down. Carol pulls out a hand grenade out of her bag, and hands it to Rick. She says she pulled it from his pocket that first morning in camp.  Rick uses it to blast of the windows so the group can exit the building.

The building erupts into fire as Dale and Andrea rush into the RV, Rick starts it and they all get away safely.

Would you do as Jacqui did? Would you choose to commit suicide rather than being eaten alive by a walker?

 Where will the survivors go? There is talk of them heading to Fort Benning. Will they make it to the Army base?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 5 Season 1 recap

Rick tries to reach Morgan on the walkie-talkie to warn him about Atlanta being over run.  He cannot raise Morgan at all.

Glenn and T-dog burn the bodies of the walkers in the funeral pyre. When Morales and Daryl try to toss on the body of a survivor onto the pyre like a walker, he tells them they should bury the body instead.

As Jacqui and Jim stack walker bodies, she notices blood on his shirt. A quick look at his body reveals that he too has been bitten. The group decides to take a wait and see approach.

Andrea, who has cradled her dead sister for hours, shoots her in the head when she wakes up walker style. The survivors hold a funeral for Ed and Amy, and all begin watching for Jim to change.

Rick has the idea of heading to the CDC for help even though Atlanta has been overrun. Lori, after a lot of inner debate, tells the others they should follow Rick to the CDC.  Shane reluctantly agrees and tells the others if you want to follow us be ready at dawn.

Morales, tells the group that his family will not be joining them. Rick hands him a gun and wishes the best to him.  The rest of the group starts for Atlanta.

When they get there Jim, says he wants to be with his family and leaves the group. Rick is sure Jim is very ill and seeing things but the other man says he is fine.

The viewers are introduced to Dr. Jenner who is inside the CDC and conducting an experiment.  An explosion occurred in the lab, showing the viewers that a cure will never be possible.

The survivors group finally reaches the CDC, and a drunken Dr, Jenner watches them via the monitors. The walkers notice the survivors trying to get into the CDC and start coming towards them.

What happened with the Morales family, did they survive the zombie onslaught?

Was Jim bitten again or did he simply die?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 4 Season 1 recap

In the fourth episode, Amy and Andrea are catching fish and bring lots back to the camp to feed the survivors.   Meanwhile, in Atlanta Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-dog find the bloody stump attached to the pipe. Merle is not where to be found.   They go to look for the guns, and a young boy named Miguel comes up to Daryl, who is guarding Glenn as he attempts to get the bag of guns.

The group Miguel is with kidnaps Glenn and whisks him away to parts unknown but leaving Miguel and the bag of guns behind. Miguel leads Rick, Daryl, and t-Dog to an abandoned factory where a standoff ensues. No blood is shed and the standoff ends peacefully when an old woman rushes in. After helping an elderly man, the other group’s leader Guillermo explains that he only wanted the guns to protect the elderly people.  The majority of the staff abandoned the residents of a nursing home, but a nurse and the custodian were caring for them.  The other group’s leader was the custodian.  Rick hands him a shotgun and a rifle before they leave.

Meanwhile back at the camp, all hell breaks loose as walkers find their way in unnoticed. Ed becomes the first casualty, and Amy is bitten as well. Jim who has been digging holes all day, because his was ‘told to dig; in his dreams the night before, realizes he was digging the burial plots for the survivors.

Fans are left wondering what happened to the nursing home residents. Did they survive? Will an unsuspecting group of survivors stumble up on a bunch of elderly zombies pushing walkers or zipping around in wheelchairs?
 Even though Jim dug the burials plots to hold the deceased bodies. Did they stay there?  Since Ed and Amy were bitten, are they now zombies?

Where is Merle?  Did the zombies drag off his body after he cut off his own arm?

Personally, I think the walkers did the cast a favor by biting Ed. That son of a bum was a tough person who thought nothing of smacking around other people.  Good riddance to bad rubbish so to speak. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 3 Season 1 recap

In episode three opens with Merle sit up on the rooftop but the rest of them are safely back at the camp. Merle is struggling to get the hacksaw, which is out of his reach but a bit.

Glenn arrives back at the camp first in his screaming sporty car, and Jim (a mechanic) disables the alarm. He tells the survivors that the group would not have made it out alive without the help of the new person, who is an officer like Shane.

Then the van arrives and the reunions begin. Morales and his family are shown giving hugs. .Amy and Andrea, the sisters also share hugs and tears. Rick finally gets back with his family Lori and Carl.

We also gain insight to the family of Ed, a wife beater, and Carol and their daughter Sophia. 

Daryl shoots a deer, tracks it only to discover a walker is eating the carcass. He shots the walker and stalks off to camp to find his brother.  The others tell him where his brother is, and offer to go back in the morning.

Andrea confronts Ed, while the women are doing laundry at the quarry and Ed threatens to beat her. Carol tries to calm Ed down but he slaps her face in front of the others. Shane jumps in and beats Ed around the facial area. Shane warns hit another person in this camp and I will not stop next time.

Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-dog go back to Atlanta in search of Merle. They find a severed hand next to a bloody hand saw on the roof of the store but no Merle.

Where is Merle? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 2 Season 1 recap

The second episode gives us insight at what happens at the Survivors camp with Amy, Lori, Shane, Dale, Daryl, and a few others, while the crap really hits the fan in Atlanta.

 Lori and Shane pursue their unbridled passion. Shane had told Lori in the previous episode that her husband Rick was dead, so she is moving on with her life.

Rick has made it into the city via horse after his car ran out of gas, but rides right into a throng of walkers who want nothing more than to eat him for a snack. He takes refuge in an abandoned tank and hides inside as the ‘walkers’ mill around outside.

A voice comes over the tank’s PA system and tells Rick about the walkers and suggests he scurry away while they are busy eating his horse. After getting out of the tank,  he runs down the alley shooting zombies as he goes and meets up with his savior from the PA system.

Glenn introduces himself and leads Rick into a building. Here he introduces Rick to the rest of the group, Andrea, T-Dog, Jacqui, Morales, who are taking refuge in a department store. Walkers surround the building, pounding on the door.

A group ascends the steps to the roof where Merle is shooting walkers and wasting bullets. A physical and verbal fight with racial slurs ensues, Merle holds a gun to T-dog’s head, and Rick handcuffs Merle to a pipe on the roof.

The group tries to figure out a plan to escape the building without dying. Morales and Glenn check out the sewer system, which is accessible in the building’s cellar.  The sewer system is not possible due to the fact of walkers being down there so anything plan is hatched.

Rick and Glenn cover themselves in walker gore to mask their live scent and go out among the zombies to fetch a van.  A sudden downpour washes them clean, while they are among the zombies and they end up running for their lives.  They hop over a fence, locate the keys and speed away in the van.

To lure the walkers away from the loading dock where Rick will pick up the other live ones, Glenn steals a sporty car. The car’s alarm system is blaring loudly and attracting the walkers, Glenn drives it away from the remaining group.

 T-dog does go back to remove the handcuffs from Merle but drops the key down a drain.  T-dog has no choice but to quickly chain, the door shut so the walkers will not get Merle.

Andrea, T-Dog, Jacqui, Glenn, Morales, and Rick escape the city while Merle is left handcuffed to a pipe on top of the department store.

Does Merle survive or do the walkers eat him?
If you were in T-dog’s shoes would you have done anything differently?
Do you think Lori decided to move on with her life, by sleeping with Shane so early?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walking Dead: Episode 1 Season 1 recap

A man, whom we learn is officer Rich Grimes, wakes out of a coma in a hospital, where everyone is dead. He leaves the hospital and begins searching for life in the first episode of ‘The Walking Dead’.

 Rick drives past an abandoned gas station that has no gas according to the sign out front.  As he searches for his family, he pulls his car over to call to a little girl he spots along the way.  She turns to look at him and begins to come closer to him. He notices her lips are gone and he shoots her.

Then we are transported back in time through Rick’s memories to learn how this all began.  He and his friend Shane, who are both cops, are called to intercept a high-speed chase. The cops stop the criminals, who get out of the car and shoot Rick. Rick is rushed to the hospital and surgery saves his life, but he slips into a coma.
Upon waking, he climbs out of the hospital bed, and leaves the hospital by way of the loading bay. The loading bay is filled with hundreds of dead bodies piled high and covered with sheets.

He sets off on foot and meets his fist ‘Walking Dead’ person. Rick takes the bike, which is laying close by and speeds away to him home.

Of course when he reaches home, its deserted. His wife Lori and son Carl are nowhere to be found. He discovers the family photos and clothes are gone so he decides they took off to the CDC in Atlanta.
Rick sets off for Atlanta and meets Morgan and Duane a father and son duo. They fill him in on the changes, which have occurred since the world went nuts.  The trio split and Rick heads off to Atlanta to find Lori and Carl, his wife and son.

How was Rick’s body left unbitten, while he was in a coma like state defenseless?  My guess is that in a coma state the body appears lifeless therefore it did not draw the attention of the ‘Walking Dead’ as the nurse outside his room and other staff in the corridor did.

What happened to Morgan and Duane? Did they reach Atlanta and succumb to the horde known as ‘Walking Dead”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking Dead season 2 begins

'The Walking Dead' is a television show on AMC about the Zombie Apocalypse. You can view new episodes of this show on Sunday night along with millions of other Americans. It is based on the comic book by the same name. The second season started in October 16, 2011.
When the season first aired on October 13, 2010, it was a quick hit with the viewers and helped to spur the nation into a zombie phase. That first season of the 'Walking Dead' showed us that you can outwit and outlive the zombies if you are smart and stuck together.
This show portrays zombies which are very different from the ones we first seen in the movies by George Romero. His zombies did not seem smart but were very entertaining, I admit I am a huge fan and have watched them all. I still get creped out when I walk past the cemetery just up the street from me. The mall when it is empty also freaks me out a bit. Hey, you never know when a Zombie apocalypse will happen.
Anyways back to the 'Walking Dead', these zombies also walk in groups but occasionally you will find them walking alone.
When the series aired its Finale show, six million people watched it on December 5, 2010 according to a page on the TV by the numbers website. The success of the show, earned it several nominations to the big awards such as 'The Best Television Series' for drama at the 'Golden Globes. When the Writer's Guild of America announced its winners on December 8, 2010, this show was honored with 'Best New series'. This show was nominated and won several awards its first year out.
What will season two of 'The Walking Dead' reveal? Will it tie up any of the loose ends of last season? Will Merle ever return? What happened to Morgan and his son Duane who rescued Rick in the first show of episode 1 last season?
The second season holds a lot of promise to be a favorite show among millions, based on last year's success. Does it have the staying power it needs to remain in the lineup for more seasons? I am predicting yes, based on the zombie craze now sweeping the nation.
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