Sunday, January 1, 2012

Zombie Assault What would you do?

Let us pretend that there is a zombie assault happening right now in your town.  You cannot drive because your car is broke down, and the neighbors’ cars are out of gas or already gone.  

You are held up in a house with a friend who eats a lot, with your kids and the food is running low. Poor Kids risked their lives for that food, while you kept a look out for the zombie assault.

Your teenage children can help shooting zombies and all the food you have in your house is food they went out and grabbed.

The kids found ammo, guns and other weapons at the home of a local fanatic.  Their new favorite activity is Zombie killing.  They are even keeping score!  Each day more and more of the walking dead visit your neighborhood. Many are stacked like cordwood in your front yard forming a barrier of gore.

The house is all-secure. Your quick thinking son got the brilliant idea of layering concrete over your windows as a preventive measure.  He even left peepholes or gun holes in the concrete to defend his home.

Your daughter found a car that has been converted to run on used cooking oil.  She parked it outside your home and ran inside to tell you. You are so grateful that you did not complain that she has no license.   She saved your butt.

The only problem is that the small car will only hold a three people and there are four of you. No way you can fit all four of you in the car and still have room for the guns, ammo, weapons and food she stocked in there.

Your son yells, MOM they found us.  The dang zombie assault keeps coming at your house full force. You got three seconds to figure out how to get three of you to the car.  As the four of you are running to the car for your escape, you need a quick plan. Who do you trip so they become zombie food so the other 3 can get away? 

Leave a comment below and tell me how you would handle this situation. 

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